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NBC signs Nathan Fillion

NBC has made a six-figure talent holding deal
with former "Firefly" star Nathan Fillion. The pact calls for Fillion to star in either a drama or comedy project
for the network. Fillion and his reps, along with NBC executives, have already started looking at scripts that may be appropriate for the actor.

"Right now, my heart is set on comedy," Fillion said. "I'm looking forward to working in front of an audience, making people laugh. But I'm not terribly picky; I just want to work."

NBC snapped up Fillion not long after it became clear that producer Joss Whedon's "Firefly," canceled by Fox, would not be coming back on another network. Fillion had the lead role on the drama, playing the commander of an outlaw starship.

"Here's a guy who can do everything, from four-camera comedy like 'Two Guys and a Girl' to a drama like 'Saving Private Ryan' to an action show like 'Firefly,"' said Marc Hirschfeld, NBC's executive VP of casting, citing several of Fillion's most notable credits. "And he's one of those rare leading men who can do both comedy and drama." 2/4/03


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