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Firefly is No 1 Brilliant but Canceled Series

The editors and contributors of SciFi Channel's Sci Fi Wire recently picked the Top 10 Brilliant but Canceled Scifi Shows. Not surprisingly to me, Firefly was number 1.

1. Firefly, created by Joss Whedon. Fox. Original run: September 2002 to August 2003. Number of episodes produced: 14

Joss Whedon's high-concept space western was a difficult sell to mainstream audiences, television critics and even its own network, but it inspired a group of dedicated fans (called Browncoats, after the show's rebel fighters), who are still active today (as evidenced by their booth at this year's Comic-Con). Through their active campaigning, the Browncoats got more than some fans do. The 2005 feature film Serenity brought back the characters, resolved the relationships and tied up loose narrative ends. And it continues to live on in comic books, novels and games. Still, we can only imagine where the crew would have gone, say, in season six or seven.

The rest of their picks?

2. Wonderfalls
3. Now and Again
4. Alien Nation
5. Space: Above and Beyond
6. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr
7. American Gothic
8. Jake 2.0
9. Nowhere Man
10.Eerie, Indiana

Five of the 10 were all Fox shows including of course Firefly. Imagine that?

The full article can be read here. --08/11/08


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