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The reviews have started!

Reviews for advance screenings have started trickling in and - if we hadn't already figured it out - most say how kick ass the movie is! Thought I'd post some quotes and links to reviews as I come across them for you - might come in handy if you need to convince a friend or dozen to get tickets!

Warning: These reviews may contain slight spoilers - I'll give you warnings for any with heavy spoilers.


"Drawing inspiration from “Star Wars,” various Westerns and, in one scene, “Blade Runner,” “Serenity” is a bold and entertaining movie in its own right, presenting a story that is probably ludicrous, but you’ll enjoy yourself too much to notice." -- The Z Review - Read the full review


Then we have someone who reviewed the trailer (Caution: Your blood pressure may rise!): "WHO WOULD LIKE THIS MOVIE: People who can’t follow the plot of an episode of STAR TREK." -- IF Magazine - Read the full review (and don't miss the comments at the bottom! lol)


"I really liked this movie, it was great fun. However I faltered a little at the end with the storyline, and wished it could have been a little less mammoth, and a little less complete." -- Richard Brunton: Reviews - Read the full review

To be fair, there have been bad reviews too... "I thought this was simply going to be a very mediocre flick, but by the end of the first act it had hit me that I hadn’t seen a movie this bad in a long time." -- Lees Movie Info - Read the full review


"The story is interesting and twisted, answering questions about the world and River, but it doesn't make a lick of sense." -- Foster on Film (a few more spoilers on this one) - Read the full review


"I really think it is a very good film, but it has major hurdles to overcome." WARNING: Contains spoilers you may not want to know!! - AICN - Read the full review


More to come.


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