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Ghost - Episode 1.1 - Originally aired: February 13, 2009

    Echo is one of the "Actives" in the elite and illegal Dollhouse. Through different personality downloads, she plays the role of a lovestruck girl on a romantic weekend, and then a ruthlessly efficient kidnapping negotiator. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Paul Ballard is struggling with his assignment to uncover information on the Dollhouse. The chase has destroyed his marriage and is wrecking his career, and it doesn't seem that he'll stop until he uncovers the truth. The father of the kidnapped child triggers confusion in Echo when he attacks her competence as a manufactured psyche.

    Writer/Director: Joss Whedon
    Guest Cast: Amy Acker as Claire Saunders

    Our Thoughts: A first episode is always hard - so much to introduce and try to hook the audience. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away with Ghost. It was...okay. But I think a lot of the characters came out bland and everything felt a bit sterile. Not sure if this was intentional so will have to see how things develop.


The Target - Episode 1.2 - Originally aired: February 20, 2009

    Echo is imprinted to be the female counterpart to an avid outdoorsman and quickly learns how the hunter becomes the hunted during her wilderness adventure. Agent Ballard receives a clue to Echo's real identity, encouraging him to continue his investigation, while flashbacks reveal the tragic events at the Dollhouse that led to Boyd's arrival and Dr. Saunders' scars.

    Writer/Director: Steven S. DeKnight
    Guest Cast: Amy Acker as Claire Saunders, Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic, Matt Keesler as Richard O’Connell, Miracle Laurie as Mellie

    Our Thoughts: Not impressed. Yet another variation of the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” with a hunter going after human prey which has been overused. The flashbacks were the most interesting part as we start to learn a bit of Echo’s past and hear about the rogue (supposedly dead) active named Alpha.


Stage Fright - Episode 1.3 - Originally aired: February 27, 2009

    To protect a volatile pop star from an obsessed fan, Echo goes undercover as a backup singer. Meanwhile, Agent Ballard is led down a dangerously wrong path in his investigation, and Lubov harbors a secret.

    Writers: Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon
    Director: Steven DeKnight

    Guest Cast: Amy Acker as Claire Saunders, Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic, Kevin Kilner as Hearn, Jamie Lee Kirchner as Rayna Russell, Jim Piddock as Biz, Cloie Wyatt Taylor as Chantal, Miracle Laurie as November, Graham Norris as The Fan






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